Jimi Hendrix on The Experience

It’s the final interview  with the legendary musician recorded before he died at 27. Hear more >>

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The Blank on Blank series has now been viewed over 4 million times. Episodes have aired on PBS television across the country during Masterpiece Theater. Now you can even see our animated interviews on board Virgin Atlantic Australia.

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If I quit, I would just live in front of the television and get fat and die


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Vintage Audio

We curate and transform journalists’ undiscovered interviews into the Blank on Blank podcast and segments on public and satellite radio. It’s all distributed by PRX.
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Animated Interviews

Executive Producer David Gerlach transforms these vintage interviews into video shorts with animator Patrick Smith and audio producer Amy Drozdowska.
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Dust off those tapes, minidiscs, and digital recordings. You’ve saved the interviews gathered to write articles, books and to make radio, but few people have ever heard them. Until now. Let us remix your archives.
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