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Thomas Bradshaw On Humor at Funerals

“Funny things happen at funerals. Very funny, comical, human things. You may not laugh, but it’s all mixed up together. ”

Interview by - Summer 2009 with Margo Jefferson

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Cherien Dabis On Being Told She Wasn't American

“My father’s patients, a lot of them, walked into his office and asked for their medical records back and left, because they didn’t want to see an Arab doctor. We got death threats.”

Interview by - Summer 2008

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Patricia Clarkson On Love, Actors, and Politicians

“I understand why people fall in love when they work together. I understand why people can split.”

Interview by - Spring 2010

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Cynthia Hopkins On Fearing People and Her Crowds

“I am afraid of crowds of people. Performing on stage is the way I feel I can relate to other human beings the best.”

Interview by - Spring 2010. Interview by Annie-B Parsons for BOMB

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Saïd Sayrafiezadeh On Rejecting His Dad and Socialism

“I asked for the skateboard and it was like ... 'We don't have money but when the revolution comes it'll be fine. They’ll be free.'”

Interview by - June 2009

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Edward Droste On His Grandparents’ Piano

“Gathering around a piano and singing together ... is sort of an antiquated concept I think these days.”

Interview by - Spring 2010

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