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Larry King On Getting Seduced

“I’m playing these records. The phone rings and I pick it up: 'WAHR'. And this lady’s voice--I can still hear her voice--she goes: 'I want you.'”

Interview by - 2001. Los Angeles.

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Brian Selznick On Einstein, God, and Reaching His Potential

“So I bought the postcard, memorized it and sent it off to a friend. And I never thought about God again after that. ”

Interview by - Winter 2012

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Caroll Spinney On Big Bird and Oscar the Grouch

“Oscar (the Grouch) was a harder one for me initially, because I had never did a big, rough, tough guy’s voice.”

Interview by - 2006, Sesame Street Studios in NYC

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Ellen DeGeneres On Her Start in Comedy in New Orleans

“I’m driving down the street in the French Quarter and there was a sign that said “Opening Soon: Clyde’s Comedy Corner" ... But at Clyde’s there was an X-rated show at midnight every Saturday night.”

Interview by - April 10, 2002, by phone

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Elle Parrino On Life at the New York Playboy Club

“That bunny dressing room was a magical place. It had anything you needed from mascara to a shoulder to cry on.”

Interview by - March, 2003

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Rona Steinberg On Feeding Bob Marley Before He Died

“I do remember the image of him lying in his bed. ... This was somebody who was extraordinary and why was I able to get in there at the end of this life.”

Interview by - March 2011, via Skype

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