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David Bowie Arrested Mugshot

David Bowie On Stardust

“Audience appreciation is only going to be periodic at the best of times. You will fall in and out of favor continually.”

Interview by - April 19, 1988

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John Lennon Yoko Ono Bed-in

John Lennon On Love

“When I was singing about 'All You Need Is Love' I was talking about something I hadn't experienced”

Interview by - 1969-71, Quebec and New York City

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Johnny Cash On The Gospel

“I just hope and pray I can die with my boots on”

Interview by - October 1996

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Stan Getz Square

Stan Getz On Wasted Years

“I’ve done some dastardly things, but what can I do except make amends and apologize?”

Interview by - August 7, 1987 in California

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Jimi Hendrix On The Experience

“When things get too heavy just call me helium--the lightest known gas to man.”

Interview by - September 11, 1970. London.
Jimi Hendrix's Last Interview

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Barry White On Making Love

“When a man’s making love, the last thing he thinks about is war. ”

Interview by - April 3, 1987, Los Angeles

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Tupac Shakur On Life & Death

“If I was white I would have been like John Wayne... I feel like a tragic hero in a Shakespeare play”

Interview by - March 1994, restaurant in Hollywood

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Jerry Garcia On The Acid Tests

“When we fell in with the Acid Tests we a started having the most fun we had ever had. ”

Interview by - May 23, 1988

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Kurt Cobain On Identity

“I even thought that I was gay. I thought that might be the solution to my problem. ”

Interview by - July 22, 1993

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Ray Charles On Singing True

“If somebody don’t like something that I do, that’s his or her prerogative. Just like it’s mine.”

Interview by - June 3, 1987

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