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David Bowie Arrested Mugshot

David Bowie On Stardust

“Audience appreciation is only going to be periodic at the best of times. You will fall in and out of favor continually.”

Interview by - April 19, 1988

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Janis Joplin On Rejection

“In my insides, it really hurts if someone doesn't like me. It's silly.”

Interview by - September 30, 1970. By phone

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Sam Pickering On How to Teach and Not Dead Poets Society

“I looked in the mirror the other day and I said: My God, what happened to that handsome young man? Who is this grizzled b-a-s-t-a-r-d staring at me?”

Interview by - September 2012

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Art Blakey On How to Build a Band

“You’re in your birthday suit up there. People can see clean through you. And your music, your actions and the vibes you bring forth to the audience come out. You cannot hide that. ”

Interview by - January 4, 1985. New York City.

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Kiki Smith On Tattoos and Making Your Own Art

“The combination of the beauty marks and the ink on her body, I thought I could tattoo them onto me. ... I could take a mark from somebody else’s body and put it on my body as a reminder of somebody. Then I started getting constellations.”

Interview by - 2011. Smith's kitchen/studio in NYC.

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Caroll Spinney On Big Bird and Oscar the Grouch

“Oscar (the Grouch) was a harder one for me initially, because I had never did a big, rough, tough guy’s voice.”

Interview by - 2006, Sesame Street Studios in NYC

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Elle Parrino On Life at the New York Playboy Club

“That bunny dressing room was a magical place. It had anything you needed from mascara to a shoulder to cry on.”

Interview by - March, 2003

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Bill McDonough On Speaking like Roman Senators

“The Roman Senators would associate the ideas they would want to communicate with a work of architecture. ... All the rooms in the building are stories.”

Interview by - Spring 2008, cafe in Maine

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Tim Gunn On His Stylish Words and Phrases

“I didn't talk about Yale very often, because I was so unhappy there. ... I really thought I was going to be a writer.”

Interview by - Spring 2008

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