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David Bowie Arrested Mugshot

David Bowie On Stardust

“Audience appreciation is only going to be periodic at the best of times. You will fall in and out of favor continually.”

Interview by - April 19, 1988

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Tupac Shakur On Life & Death

“If I was white I would have been like John Wayne... I feel like a tragic hero in a Shakespeare play”

Interview by - March 1994, restaurant in Hollywood

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Farrah Fawcett On Stiletto Power

“I’ve got on these stiletto heels aimed for his face.”

Interview by - 1994, Hollywood

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Rodney King On Forgiveness and Being a Negro

“I have been challenged to fight for saying 'can't we all get along.' I’ve had people say I want to kick your ass for saying that. ”

Interview by - April 16, 2012. By phone from California.

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Mark Barry On Fighting for Manchester United

“He dropped right by my feet. And what do you do in this situation? You make sure this person doesn’t get up. ... So I just started booting him in the head.”

Interview by - July 2012. Queens, New York.

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Allen Ginsberg and Julian Beck On Resilience

“It’s what Abby Hoffman said years ago: we have a right to shout “theater" at a crowded fire”

Interview by - August 1984. Mt. Sinai Hospital in New York City

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Thomas Bradshaw On Humor at Funerals

“Funny things happen at funerals. Very funny, comical, human things. You may not laugh, but it’s all mixed up together. ”

Interview by - Summer 2009 with Margo Jefferson

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Zelda Kaplan On Fashion and Nightclubs at Age 87

“I like to look nice. I still love to dance. My friends are dead. ... If I don’t go out with young people, who else is there?”

Interview by - Spring 2003

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Mickey Rourke On Being a Has-Been

“Being a has-been is the worst thing in the world. And that's what I was for a long time.”

Interview by - 2008

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DaShaun Morris Square

DaShaun Morris On Why Gang Members Get Depressed

“You are dealing with a lot of murder, a lot of prison ... nobody had no damn money to go and see no therapist.”

Interview by - Fall 2006, By phone & in NYC restaurant

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