Bring Your Interviews Back to Life


Vintage interview tapes. New animated shorts with PBS and a public radio series and podcast distributed by the Public Radio Exchange. We bring journalists’ interviews with cultural icons back to life.

Dust off those tapes, minidiscs, and digital recordings. You’ve saved the interviews gathered to write articles, books, to make radio, but few people have ever heard them. Until now. Let us remix your archives. It’s easy.

Blank on Blank contributing journalists write for WIRED, Esquire, Rolling Stone, Fast Company, SPIN, the Boston Globe and more. Interview partners also include WNYC and the Library of Congress.

Ready to transform your interviews? Drop us a note using the contact form on the “Interview Submission” tab.

It’s time to dust off your interviews.

* Why should only a fraction of your reporting end up being published? Some of the best parts of an interview are the random asides and unrelated stories that go unheard.

* Journalists need to broaden their portfolios. This is a near effortless way for hundreds of thousands of people your work on YouTube, radio, and beyond.

* We’ll do all the work. Just upload an interview. If it’s on tape, we’ll turn in digital for you.

* You keep the rights to your on-the-record, raw interview. We’re just creating a new piece of multimedia that reaches new audiences and promotes your work.

* Maybe your interview is already in digital format on your computer–MP3, WAV, AIFF, AAC, WMV files all work. If it is on tape or minidisc, fear not. It’s easy to turn it digital. We can do it for you or show you the easy steps to do it yourself.

* Finished Blank on Blank interview segments usually run around 4-6 minutes. They usually come from extended 10-45 minute interview chunks submitted by journalists. Just give us a heads up on the choice parts hear. We welcome collaboration with our contributors.

* Our audio team can turn just about any interview recording into a great sounding piece. As long as you can hear the subject’s voice and the background noise is not overwhelming, it should work. Don’t worry about a little tape hiss, we can clean that up and retain the grittiness of going inside your real interview.

* The more color from your interview the better. Maybe the interview was in the bar and during the break in the conversation you can hear glasses clanging, music, banter. Whatever it is, we want to hear it.